¡Adios Amigos! Final farewell from GOLD team Mexico 2018

Gold team Mexico 2018 are sad to say their goodbyes after spending our debrief weekend in (rainy) Leeds – with a lovely view across Burley in Wharfdale!

We were all very happy to see each other again and discuss more about our project, share photos and hear stories from the other GOLD teams – Maldives, Peru and Rwanda. Each team set up a project table with some of our favourite things from project. Friday night was spent with lots of chatting and laughter and of course a late night!

On Saturday we presented our project journeys with the other teams and loved hearing their stories too! We also were asked to provide evening entertainment so as well as singing our favourite Mexican song (about pasta) we shared some of the chili sweets we purchased in country! Not everybody was a fan!

#failoftheday goes to Zoe whose takeaway unfortunately did not arrive and she had to scrounge leftovers from everyone – she ended up with an exotic meal of Chinese noodles, chicken tikka masala, poppadum and fortune cookie – que deliciosa!

It was great to reminisce about our time in Mexico and our favourite memories include; the amazing hospitality and the wonderful perritos we met! The passion and enthusiasm of the girls and their leaders. The opportunity to make friends across the world and be involved in such a rewarding programme.

Overall we visited 7 cities in Mexico, we travelled over 6000km and delivered over 50 hours of training. We visited a world centre, gained new skills and made amazing memories. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, we couldn’t have done it without you! Best of luck to GOLD Mexico team 2019 we are excited to follow your adventures!

Adios, GOLD team Mexico 2018 xxxxxx