Oh Coatza we love you!

If you have seen Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York City you will have an idea of how our run for our bus from Veracruz to Coatzacoalcos went. We arrived to a very warm welcome from el districto de Coatzacoalcos. We travelled to la casa de Susana – our host where we all stayed for our 3 nights in the city. After a tasty lunch we met many of the leaders in the Coatzacoalcos area and went for a walk to the lighthouse, swam in the sea and ate delicious tacos.

Our next day after a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes was spent training – the training location – Quetzallis Educación Ambiental (check out their facebook page for more photos!) Was perfect! We trained girasoles, haditas and guias in our morning session. The girasoles and haditas played team work games and learnt about leadership whilst Emma and Kayleigh trained the guias in peer education and communication skills.

At the park we managed to face some of our fears – Zoe took part in the rope swing over the pond and Steph stroked a cow! We had a Mexican lunch at a place known for its mole (a chocolate and chilli based sauce). Before heading back to the park for our evening session with mayores and leaders. Zoe, Steph and Annabel worked on recruitment and idea sharing as well as development of leadership. It was so interesting to hear about the training and future plans for the Coatza district. We went out with the leaders for dinner – we sat out on a roof top overlooking the sea! A lovely end to a busy and productive day.

#failoftheday goes to Steph who managed to smash a mirror and in an unlucky turn of events a few minutes after she fell over in a race to the bathroom and now has two blossoming bruises on her arm and leg.

Our day off in Coatza began with a trip to Las Flores del Mar for breakfast- we met everyone there and tried some typical Mexican foods – que rica! We took a boat over to Allende and visited Parque del Biscentenario. There were Crocodiles Toucans and a Jaguar, as well as other animals! We walked to the lighthouse at the top of the park and the view across the sea and city was amazing. We drank luminous coloured drinks – for our health…

Our wonderful hosts and tour guides took us to Jicacal beach – we had to catch a boat across the river to get to the island to get to the beach and sea. The journey was beautiful and the beach even more so.

We sat under the shade of banana leaves and ate local fish -mojarra and tiger prawn empanadas. The sea was so warm and we enjoyed splashing around in what felt like bath water! The sunset on the return boat trip was magical.

Even though it was now dark the day was not over – there was more food to eat and places to visit! Our next and final stop was at the sea front – we ate elotes – corn on sticks with mayo, cheese and chilli! It was so tasty, we drank horchata and ate ice creams.

With full tummies and sad hearts we headed home for our last night in Susi’s house in Coatza. Today we travel to Durango, we are looking forward to meeting more guides and seeing what excitement lies in store! Love GOLD Team Mexico xxx