We’ve visited a world centre!

Gold Mexico have spent the night at Nuestra Cabaña a Guiding World Centre!

We spent our day enjoying the world centre, we took a swim and visited the Nuestra Cabaña shop! We loved the pool…

In the evening we headed out to a hacienda -an old sugar cane plantation for dinner. We ate outside and practised our Spanish! Before bed we watched the lightning storm over the valley it was very atmospheric. We applied copious amounts of deet and fell into bed.

On Wednesday we explored the nearby town of Cuernavaca, we visited the cathedral, main square and local market.


The town was very beautiful, Zoe has perfected the phrase: ¡Qué bonita!

#failoftheday goes to Annabel who had to ask two strangers what her gender was in order to use the bathroom. Annabel not speaking Spanish had to stand infront of the bathroom doors and wave down a bystander asking by pointing to herself and the doors in turn. Annabel chose a good egg who kindly sent her into the correct toilets after they had finished laughing at her!

The afternoon was spent in the pool before the drive back to Ticalli. This evening we have the board meeting prior to our first training session tomorrow. We are excited to start our training and meet some members of the guias de mexico board! Will keep you posted! Xx

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