Last but not least… Ciudad Juarez

We arrived in Juarez to a wonderful welcome with banners and a song! We travelled to Carmen’s house -our host during our time in Juarez! Our first night was spent visiting la puerta de tiempo – the door of time, it looks out over Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and El Paso in America. The view was incredible!

Friday morning was a relaxed one for us! We ate breakfast and had a morning of housekeeping! Zoe and Rachel headed to our training venue to scout out the area! It is a community centre built by one of the local supermarkets! One of our only indoor venues!

We had tortillas and pulled pork for lunch before setting off for our afternoon training session. We arrived and were greeted by the girls introducing themselves with their names and ages in English! We played games and sang songs before splitting into sections; the girasoles and haditas learnt about guiding values and their promise whilst the guides thought about being leaders in their communities and how to take action.

After training we went to eat dinner in a park! We had super cheesy nachos and Annabel had ‘the most amazing hotdog ever- it had runny nacho cheese on it!’ We ate and then visited the X monument, it is one of 6 installations which will spell out MEXICO in the different states of which have a border with the USA.

Saturday morning we ate delicious burritos for breakfast. We had a long wait for food but a band appeared with an accordion which kept us entertained! We arrived at out training session where parents were encouraged to join in with our games, we had an all inclusive game of fox and chicken which everyone loved. It was great to see even Dads in their suits dashing around the playground. The rest of the morning was spent running recruitment sessions with adults and peer education sessions with guias. Zoe had to do interviews for the TV! Our lunch was a gianormous chicken kiev in a cafe at the local supermarket all the guides joined us and we took over the restaurant!

In the afternoon we trained outside, we were able to be part of a special promise ceremony for one of the guias. We had to hold the Union flag and sing the national anthem! We played communication and team work games for all ages. The end of our last ever training session was spent singing taps in Spanish and English. It was a very lovely moment.

We were whisked away from our training session and taken to a restaurant and show! We ate sharing platters of food and watched mariarchi as well as dancers, horses and rope performers! Kayleigh’s favourite were the rope dancers because ‘they were cool’. A man dressed in all white and a big sombrero came over to give us tequila and lemonade shots- you can imagine how that went for Emma if you’ve read our previous blog! (Badly! Haha!) We said our goodbyes and headed to bed.

Sunday morning we packed and were greeted for breakfast with guides from chihuahua and Juarez districts. Everyone accompanied us to the airport and it was sad to wave everyone off as we headed through security.

#failoftheday goes to Kayleigh, she accidentally deleted all her Spotify playlists apart from two songs… 1. No scrubs annnddddd 2. The acoustic version of no scrubs. It was a fun plane journey for Kayleigh.

Today we fly back to Mexico City for our evaluation meeting. We are looking forward to reviewing our project and sharing what we have learnt with the board! Stayed tuned for updates, love GOLD team Mexico xxx

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